2020/9/18 11:32:08


Overview:An integrated Cryofree superconducting magnet system with variable temperature inserts. The wide range of different experimental inserts enables the users to configure the measurement platform for cutting-edge applications, such as 2D materials, nano-structures and superconducting devices. 

Applications: characterization of low dimensional structures, quantum dots and nanowire-based materials, quantum computing and quantum transport measurement


Standard sample probe temperature stability: ± 0.05 K 

System cooldown: ~ 60 hours from room temperature to 4 K (varies with different magnet options) 

Standard sample probe cooldown: < 200 minutes from room temperature to < 5 K Continuous system operation: Typically > 4 weeks 

Magnetic field: 8, 9, 12 and 14 T 

Magnet ramp to full field: ≤ 60 minutes (varies with different magnet options) 

Varaible temperature insert sample space diameter: 50 mm nominal